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Dressed for Success This Summer? Our Girls Are!

Girls Inc. high school participants prepared for their internships this summer by shopping for professional wear—in Girls Inc.’s yoga studio!

Many of our girls don’t have the opportunity or resources to buy new professional clothing. But thanks to Vici, who transformed the studio into a “boutique,” our girls had a chance to select complementary outfits that will help them engage confidently in their new summer workplaces.

Girls and families were deeply grateful for girls’ access to this important resource. Now, girls are looking ahead to the rest of the summer, when they will be developing critical professional skills and perspectives at organizations including East Bay Pediatrics, TMC Financing, East Bay Municipal Utility District, FATHOM, Gap, Pacific Gas and Electric Company, HNTB, International Art Museum of America, Aspire Education Project, Bennett & Johnson, LLP, City of San Leandro Water Pollution Control Plant, Harm Reduction Coalition, and Urban Planning Partners!