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Concordia Park Summer is Ready for Takeoff

Summer learning loss, also called, “the summer slide” is responsible for much of the achievement gap between students from under-resourced communities and their more affluent peers. But this week, elementary and middle school girls from across Oakland and San Leandro arrived at Girls Inc.’s Concordia Park Summer program for a summer of learning and growth.

Over the course of the summer, girls at Concordia Park will design and code their own websites; build sisterhood and learn about their changing bodies; practice new sports and fitness activities; and visit local STEM organizations. Younger girls will also make critical progress in reading, building the foundation for a successful school year, garden, and explore music and art.

One staff member recalls a participant who started last summer saying she didn’t want to be in the program, but that her parents made her come. Over the course of the program, she engaged in coding projects, mountain biking, and a trip to Google. At the end of summer, she pulled a staff member aside to let them know how much her time at Concordia Park had challenged and inspired her— and how much fun she had! She is now back this year to prepare for her future in the high school program.