Women of impact (3)

Invest - Women of Impact


Women of Impact are:

  • A critical part of our guiding principle to activate a network of supportive adults who are connected to girls’ lives.
  • A group of women committed to growing opportunities for our girls through an annual financial investment of $1,000 or more and active volunteering.
  • Participants in Girls Inc. programs as mentors, tutors, mock interviewers, internship hosts, and more.

All of our programs are free for our families. As a result, 100% of our programming is philanthropically supported. Generous investments like these make possible the depth of our programming and mission.


Women of Impact are dedicated to the mission of Girls Inc., to inspire all girls to be Strong, Smart, & Bold. Their dedication is expressed through active participation in programming and annual financial investments.


Women of Impact are dedicated to advancing opportunities for girls through support, engagement, and active participation as mentors, role models, tutors, scholarship judges and more! Women of Impact are critical to inspiring girls, building their confidence and helping them navigate existing racial, gender and economic inequalities within the community.