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First Time Camping: a Bold Adventure

At the beginning of this month’s camping trip for 7th grade girls, six of the seven participants had never been camping before. As they started off, many of the girls were nervous about what was ahead— from being in the pitch dark in the wilderness, to the possibility of run-ins with unfamiliar wildlife.

But as the trip progressed, each of the girls came into her own. They pitched their own tents, made their own food, and supported each other even during the less pleasant times (for example, the discovery that raccoons have a taste for toothpaste). One of the girls was especially proud of herself for starting a campfire for the first time— where she and her Girls Inc. sisters roasted s’mores!

The girls returned from the trip with new memories and confidence, as well as skills that will support them to experience and care for nature in the future. As one girl put it, “I was scared, but camping was not bad at all— it is actually fun!”