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Do Not Miss our 2022-23 Impact Report!

The impact and longevity of Girls Inc. of Alameda County is a direct result of the investments you have made in us, enabling our agility and responsiveness in delivering critical programs and services to our community for the last 65 years.

We continue to achieve outstanding results in our foundational literacy programs, especially within Black, Latinx, and English Learner populations, and for the 9th consecutive year, 100% of Seniors in our College Access Program graduated from High School and were accepted to postsecondary institutions.

This year, we were consulted by local news outlets as a trusted voice on behalf of girls, to address our community in the aftermath of the CDC’s Youth Risk Behavior survey which revealed harrowing results around increased sadness, violence and isolation among teen girls and LGBTQ+ youth.  Aside from academic success and college/post-secondary preparedness, our curriculum includes critical education around social-emotional learning, healthy relationships, sexual and reproductive health, media literacy, body image, self-advocacy, and emphasis on connectedness to peers and staff. The inherent nature of our programming in focusing on the whole girl– equipping them with knowledge, skills and support—has been called the “medicine” in building resilience and helping them navigate the impact of violence and other trauma.

In the spring, we launched our Expanded Learning Apprenticeship, the first-ever After School Program apprenticeship in the State of California, wherein participants receive free tuition and courses through Berkeley City College while receiving paid on-the-job training and work experience with Girls Inc. of Alameda County. This earn-and-learn model helps to promote career advancement for low-income people and people of color, while simultaneously building the expanded learning workforce that is essential to our impact.

Our promise for the future is to build upon these last 65 years, continuing to listenlearn, innovate, and iterate so that we can deliver enhanced gender-responsive and trauma-informed programming based on real-time community needs.

We are honored to present to you our 2022-23 Impact Report