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Girls Champion Reproductive Health

This is a critical time for reproductive health rights in our country— and girls in our HEART (Helping Everyone Achieve Respect Together) program are increasing access to information and resources amongst their peers. As part of the program, high school girls learn about reproductive health and local resources, and then are trained as peer educators so they can share information with fellow youth.

One participant describes how she enrolled in HEART because it “sounded interesting”, but got more than she bargained for. Not only did she learn about her own reproductive health and options, but she explored widespread issues of reproductive justice. And, along with her HEART sisters, she provided reproductive health information and resources to more than 700 of her peers in her community—many of whom would not have had access otherwise.

“I come from a family where [talking about] your reproductive health isn’t seen as something very positive, and here I learned that…girls have the right to not be ashamed of their anatomy…And I’m glad that I am able to spread that self-love to other people,” relates a Girls Inc. participant.