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PCY Case Study Cover

Pioneering a Professional Pathway in Expanded Learning

How the Partnership for Children & Youth and its Partners Made Registered Apprenticeships a Reality in California Education

A leading partner in the launch of our Expanded Learning Apprenticeship, Partnership for Children & Youth, recently published a case study about apprenticeships as a sustainable model for both staffing the afterschool space and providing young people of color a foundation in youth development where they, “… get fair wages with opportunities for raises, free community college tuition, on-the-job training, and real-time, practical support every step of the way. This model sets staff up for success, acting as a launchpad to future careers, and addresses the national shortage of programs and resources to meet the growing demand for expanded learning for youth.

The Expanded Learning Apprenticeship that we are pioneering is a new initiative that we are wholeheartedly committed to as an organization, and it is the first of its kind in the state of California. We encourage you to examine PCY’s case study for a more thorough understanding of this trailblazing work.

Read the Case Study.