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National Mentorship Month (3)

National Mentorship Month

January is recognized as National Mentoring Month, a time to actively celebrate the power of supportive and meaningful mentor relationships.

Activating a network of supportive adults who are connected to our youth in a mentorship capacity–*as program leaders, field trip hosts, academic tutors, essay mentors and many others—is a key part of providing equitable access to the resources and opportunities critical to success.

Whether they’re learning to read, exploring a career possibility, or preparing for college, our trusted staff, volunteers and community partners are there every step of the way.  We know that one conversation, one experience, and one mentor can change the trajectory of a young person’s life.

Thank you to our entire mentorship community. We are grateful for you every day.

*Our Women of Impact Program is based around mentorship, where women from the community support our youth through active engagement in the roles mentioned above and more. Women of Impact are critical to inspiring girls, building their confidence and helping them navigate existing racial, gender and economic inequalities within the community.

Learn more about the program, here.