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The Impact of Mentors

January is National Mentoring Month, but at Girls Inc. of Alameda County we celebrate mentors all year long. Our staff and volunteers all serve as mentors: providing guidance, motivation, emotional support, and role modeling for the participants in our programs. This focus fits squarely in our guiding principle to foster a network of supportive adults connected to girls’ lives.
Our staff work with high school participants to connect their interests to post-secondary paths and possible careers. And as we closed out the calendar year, participants practiced the STAR method of interviewing (Situation/Task/Action/Result) with our Women of Impact, and asked a litany of questions about career paths and experiences: from what is it like to be an adult, to what do you need to do to succeed in your first job, to how did you choose the career you have?
Whether it’s the inviting warmth of a staff member providing socio-emotional and encouragement in program every day, a volunteer host of a field trip or internship that helps to shine the light on a possible career path, or the pro-girl environment that provides countless role modeled possibilities for the future, we take mentoring seriously. And it shows in our results. We invite you to read more about the impact of Girls Inc. mentors from our alumnae, and consider how you, your circle, or your company might better support this work in 2022.
It was through Girls Inc., that a teacher once told me “you would make an excellent lawyer”, and here I am starting law school in a few months. That was in 8th grade, and I still remember that. Just like I remember all the other positive feedback and assistance I received.” – Participant 2001-2012
“The most impactful experience I had at Girls Inc. is not a specific experience, but the constant support and love from my Girls Inc. mentors. Throughout my time at Girls Inc., the staff became our mentors, older sisters, and even our second moms (although they all hated being called this!), but they became our family, and our number one fans…” –Participant 2004-2013
“When I think about my experiences at Girls Inc., I believe the mentors I had throughout the different programs I participated in were the most impactful. It was their belief in me and encouragement that led me to continue my path in medicine as a minority woman despite the many obstacles.” – Participant 1993-2004