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Girls Learn About Information Sharing in the Digital Age

What is your digital identity online and what information about you can others access? Our girls recently took a field trip with Fitbit to engage with these questions around privacy, social media, and information sharing in the digital age and to learn more about careers in information security.

Introducing girls to careers in STEAM is particularly important, a field where only 5% of the science and engineering workforce is made up of women of color. Field trips and career information sessions are a critical piece of the Girls Inc. experience, where leaders in the field provide supportive and engaging spaces for girls to learn about possible paths. 100% of our high school participants agreed that, because of Girls Inc. programming, they had a better understanding of career fields that they were interested in and feel more prepared to apply for a job.

The team at Fitbit shared their Operation Security 101 session with our girls to talk about privacy and the Internet. Members of Fitibit’s Information Security team asked the girls what their biggest concerns were around social media. At the top of the girls’ minds were unrealistic standards, false information, and general privacy of online activity. Participation in the interactive workshop allowed the girls to practice their online sleuthing skills and learn more about how to protect their online privacy.

The girls were excited to participate in a Q&A where they asked questions around educational and career pathways in information security and STEAM fields at companies like Fitbit. They were curious to learn more about nontraditional pathways in STEAM and the day-to-day work of an information security specialist. The girls walked away with a new understanding of what to post on the internet and the types of information that are easily shared online.

Thank you to Fitbit for partnering with us to provide spaces for girls to learn and explore their interests!