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La Escuelita

A Stellar Start at Two New Schools

This month was the kickoff of new Girls Inc. programs at two schools in Oakland: La Escuelita (K-8) and Aurum Preparatory Academy (6-8). Through this expansion, 260 more students will have access to afterschool experiences that will support their success as they move into high school and beyond!

These first weeks have involved activities that help each new class of students build a positive, Girls Inc. program culture. This means helping participants get to know one another in a deeper way, come up with and commit to their own group norms, and actively learn to celebrate differences. These are some of the foundations of what makes Girls Inc. unique—and what has made daytime teachers at many of our schools say that Girls Inc. students stand out as leaders and examples in their classrooms. Girls Inc. staff and leadership have also been in close contact with each school’s teachers and administrators, to make sure we’re building a strong relationship from the very beginning.

And, so far, there have been a lot of bright spots. Students have been excited to get to know each other, and this week, they will be jumping into new academic activities from read-alouds, to learning academic discussion skills, to being introduced to innovative design thinking. We are honored to have the opportunity to provide a whole new group of students with afterschool opportunities that will inspire them to move into their futures strong, smart, and bold.