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Alumnae Reunion

Alumnae Inspire Each Other at Reunion

Girls Inc. is only the beginning for strong, smart, and bold young women. Two weeks ago, at our Alumnae Reunion, former Girls Inc. participants came from across the Bay Area— from young women who graduated just a few months ago (including two of the speakers from our Strong, Smart, and Bold Luncheon, Jemima and Destinee!) to established professionals. They came to network, share their perspectives, and engage in professional development.

And the opportunities to connect were endless. One alumna, currently in college and considering going on to get her law degree, sat next to another who has completed her first year of law school and is interning at the California Attorney General’s Bureau of Children’s Justice. She asked questions about the path to the career she is considering, and heard the answers from a Girls Inc. “sister” who has so many experiences in common.

Alumnae were also given the opportunity to share their perspectives on Girls Inc. and the Alumnae Network in ways that will positively impact programming in the future— adding their critical voices to ensure Girls Inc. continues to inspire.

Finally, alumnae participated in a professional development activity focused on how to communicate “hard” and “soft” skills during the job application process. As part of the activity, the women sat in a circle, reminiscent of the many “sisterhood circles” they had been part of at Girls Inc., and tossed around a ball. When each participant caught the ball, she made a statement starting with “I can.”

Looking around the room of sisters, leaders, and thinkers, it was clear that these women can do anything.