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The results are in and our Annual Report is now available

  • 99% of 1st-3rd graders made progress towards grade-level literacy
  • 97% of caregivers agreed that Girls Inc. helped their 8th grader feel more confident in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math
  • For the sixth consecutive year, 100% of our seniors graduated high school and are enrolled in postsecondary education

Please enjoy reading about our impact and know that we couldn’t meet our goals without you.

Apply Now for HER Healthy Relationships Program

Do you know what love is? Do you know what it is to respect yourself, your partners, and your loved ones? In this 14-week program, girl-identified youth learn what healthy relationships—from platonic to romantic and everywhere in between—look like. This program, which heavily incorporates youth voice and input, helps girls learn more about the early warning signs of dating violence, how to draw boundaries and be assertive in their communication, how to advocate for those they care about, and coping and resiliency skills that they can carry with them throughout the rest of their lives. Girls come out of this program as advocates for themselves, their friends, and their loved ones, setting themselves up for a lifetime of happy and healthy relationships.

Relaciones Saludables

¿Sabes lo que es el amor? ¿Sabes lo que es respetarte a ti mismo, a tus parejas y a tus seres queridos? En este programa de 14 semanas, las jóvenes identificadas como niña/mujer (separados en edad de cohortes apropiadas de estudiantes de 9o a 10o grado y estudiantes de 11o-12o grado) aprenden cómo se ven las relaciones saludables, desde las platónicas a las románticas y en todas partes en el medio. Este programa, que incorpora en gran medida la voz y la entrada de los jóvenes, ayuda a las niñas a aprender más acerca de los signos de alerta temprana de la violencia en el noviazgo, cómo trazar límites y ser asertivos en su comunicación, cómo abogar por aquellos que les importan, y las habilidades de afrontamiento y resiliencia que pueden llevar consigo durante el resto de sus vidas. Las niñas salen de este programa como defensoras de sí mismas, de sus amigos y seres queridos, estableciéndose para toda una vida de relaciones felices y saludables.

Dates/Fechas del Programa:

2/4/21 – 5/13/21, Thursdays/Jueves, 4:30-6pm



Location:  Remote instruction

Registration will be open until filled


Our First-Ever College Shower Car Parade!

To celebrate our graduating seniors, Girls Inc. of Alameda County launched the first-ever College Shower Car Parade! 25 girls in our Girls CAN! (College Access Now) program are graduating from high school this month and heading to post-secondary education in the fall. To celebrate their achievement, staff drove decorated cars to our girls’ homes and surprised them with a backpack full of essentials they’ll need for college, all while practicing social-distancing guidelines. Congratulations to all our seniors!



Invest in Girls

Inspiring Girls to be



through mental and physical health



through academic engagement



through leadership development

Our Impact

Too many girls in Alameda County grow up facing gender limitations, racial assumptions, and restricted opportunity due to economic status. Despite the rising prosperity and promise of the San Francisco Bay Area, these barriers make it harder for girls to uncover their strengths and realize their potential.

Girls Inc. of Alameda County’s model creates opportunities for success. We equip girls to defy limitations and stereotypes, attend college, break the cycle of poverty, and move into a thriving future. Our research-based programming supports girls at every stage of their development. We focus on the whole girl: her health and well-being, education, and development as a leader.


We support nearly 600 children and families annually through mental health therapy.


Our girls are 1.5x more likely to read at or above grade level than their peers.


100% of Girls Inc. seniors enroll in college and 89% are the first in their families to do so.