Annie Anguiano

Community Engagement Manager

Annie joined Girls Inc. of Alameda County in 2019. As the Community Engagement Manager,  Annie works to cultivate relationships with corporate partners and individual volunteers to ensure a high level of ongoing investment in our programs. She is dedicated to planning community engagement opportunities that keep with our guiding principle of activating a network of supportive adults in the girls’ lives.

Annie was born and raised in the Bay Area. She spent her early career working in corporate recruiting and management, moving to San Antonio, Texas along the way. She then spent the next 10 years teaching elementary school in an under-resourced public school district. Annie realized that although her calling is to do work benefitting underserved youth, it was time for her to use her skills and passion outside the classroom. She moved back to California and worked as the Parent Engagement Officer at Oakland Military Institute.

In her spare time, Annie enjoys going on adventures with her two school aged children, Zoey and Zach!

(510) 357-5515 ext. 220

aanguiano [at]