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Submitted by on 6 Sep 2013

Meet Girls Inc. Alum, Stephanie Garcia, a UC Berkeley graduate who is currently completing her general surgery residency at Central Michigan university in Saginaw, Michigan. A native to East Oakland, Stephanie was a part of the first group of Eurekans at Girls Inc. of Alameda County in 1992 and returned to Girls Inc. to inspire others for a brief stinr. Stephanie is a mentor, teacher, student, role model & STEM advocate. She encourages girls to dream big and STEM it up… 

Q: How did Girls Inc. influence your decision to pursue a STEM career?   Read more »

GIRLStart Poetry

We Are GIRLStart

January 17, 2012

We dream of going to college and climbing the math mountain
We try to write sentences
We hope to be friends forever!
We are girls and bold
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A.C.T. Program Against Teen Dating Violence

Break the Cycle

Submitted by on 16 Feb 2012

Day 1

So, I’m kinda new to this thing called “love” here. I don’t know what that is exactly…. and I just recently got into a relationship with one of the most athletic guys at school. I don’t really know what to expect from him or a romantic relationship in general, but I’m feeling pretty excited! This is my first relationship ever and our first date is coming up tomorrow. I’m so nervous, is this how people usually are before first dates?

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Inspired to Help

April 20, 2011

My interest in learning about other cultures expands every day. However, in studying these other cultures, I sometimes learn how similar they are to my own. One intriguing topic that never fails to capture my heart and inspire new future goals is sex trafficking. I have discovered that many girls, younger than me, are being kidnapped and sold as sex slaves at an increasing rate. This fact crushes my soul and motivates me to to help these victims.  Read more »

Girls of BuildIT

Strong, Smart & Bold Haikus

8 Oct 2011

We're tough, we don't bluff
Girls Inc. supports us to be strong;
not fear who we want to be!
-Damaris, 13 years old

Girls are strong, smart, bold
We work hard and try our best.
I love my sisters!
-Oshanay, 12 years old

Strong, Smart, and Bold, yes!
I play,do my best always.
Strong, smart, bold is ME!
-Alexis, 12 years old

I am strong and bold.
I try my best to be me.
I am very smart.
-Brenda, 11 years old

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Experience of Lifetime

14 Jun 2010

My experience in ACT has been rewarding. It has given me the opportunity to make an impact in my community before I leave for college. I have also learned a lot throughout the program about leadership skills and topics such as body image, nutrition, and physical activity. These trainings have made a big impact on me as a person. I use to be very shy to speak in front of a group of people but that has changed now. ACT helped me become more confident in myself and I have no problem with speaking to a group of people anymore.  Read more »

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The Work of an Advocate

11 Jun 2010

My experience in Advocating Change Together (ACT) has been life changing. ACT has helped me grow as a person. I've learned how to network. I have become more confident and less shy. And I have improved my public speaking skills-overall becoming strong, smart and bold! Also being apart of ACT, I am more aware of what goes on in my community.  Read more »

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A Mother's Day Thought: She is My Hero!

9 May 2010

I feel the most secure when I am with my mom. I guess you could say she is my best friend. Without her, I would be an entirely different person. She has molded me to be the Karla that I am today. Every hug, every encouraging word, every scolding,  every minute of her life that she has dedicated to me, dwell deep in my heart and make my love and admiration only grow for her. My mom is my world, my “safe place”, my hero. I am awed by her perseverance and her character during the times where I was convinced that she would give up.  Read more »

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And The Money Will Follow

15 Apr 2010

I remember the very first day I walked into Girls Incorporated of Alameda County. It was after my interview and acceptance process for the EUREKA! Teen Achievement Program. I had just completed the seventh grade, and though I was shy on the outside, deep down I was ecstatic about spending my summer on a college campus. Walking into the mid-size activity room was a shocker. I didn’t expect to see faces that I knew, but I counted about five people i recognized. Relieved, I let out a huge sigh, smiled, and headed to an empty chair next to a friend of mine.  Read more »

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Overwhelmed with Options

22 Dec 2009

Usually, my teacher starts off English class by making us respond to a topic in our journals. I look forward to what question she has put on the board for us to answer. Some require you to think really hard and others simply ask for a yes or no answer with your reasoning. Today, I was not surprised to see the question. Though it was not new to me, I had to think about the answer for the longest time. It was the question that seemed to follow me everywhere I went, "What do you want to do when you're grown up?" This is the question that -to me- still remains unanswered.  Read more »

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